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Jobs for 14 Year Olds

Jobs for the Young Ones

The teenage years in anyone’s life can be a bit of a strain. Many people are at the peak of their social and developmental awkwardness and they are surrounded by their peers who are going through the same uncomfortable transition from childhood to adulthood. A lot of teenagers adopt more of what they perceive to be adult behavior in order to be taken more seriously and not be mistaken for a naive child. One way that some teenagers might attempt to appear older and more mature is by looking for a job. While this also might just be a parent demanded action, managing money and taking on responsibility are more adult concepts. Jobs for 14 year olds are limited due to their age and school schedules.

There is the unfortunate situation where businesses do not want to hire individuals without experience, so even getting that initial experience is difficult. The Fair Labor Standards Act in the United States sets fourteen years as the minimum age for employment. This act also limits the amount of hours that can be worked by individuals under sixteen years old. The restrictions and delicate laws that surround the employment of fourteen year old kids are a big deterrent for businesses so young teens looking to earn some personal cash should look into more informal avenues of employment like babysitting and lawn mowing. These are more reasonable jobs for 14 year olds.

Young teens can go around surrounding neighborhoods offering their services for families with children or big front and back yards. Since all of the payments would be under the table, there is not the problem of taxes or any other government restrictions. These types of jobs allow teenagers to set up social networks, getting more work through word of mouth and recommendations. They learn about responsibility, working with others, and hard work. There are not many jobs for 14 year olds out there, but the ones that do exist teach some valuable lessons.

Jobs like babysitting and yard work also work very well with the schedules of young teens. They are in school everyday until three o’clock and if they wish to participate in activities like sports or plays they can do so while still having a job. Making sure they are busy is a good way to prevent teenagers from getting in trouble as well since idle hands tend to think of the best ways to cause havoc. Letting a young teen have their own job provides them a sense of independence because they have some personal funds coming in while also hopefully helping them realize the hardships of working and the need to savor youth as long as they can.

While not all jobs for 14 year olds will have this kind of profound impact on them, it will at lease help lighten the financial load boar by the parents, even if only a little bit. These jobs also provide teens with a little bit of experience that they can put on their resumes and job applications when they are a bit older, providing a competitive edge over their peers. Job Search
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