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Jobs for 15 Year Olds

Young and Looking for Money

People often complain about their jobs since it seems like only a lucky few out there end up doing something they really love. Loving or loathing one’s job is more of an adult issue, while younger generations struggle to find someone to even hire them. Young teens have a very difficult time finding a job due to the number of restrictions that surround employing a young person. The number of jobs for 15 year olds that are available are quite limited and are not the most glamorous occupations. While they might not be the most exciting jobs, young teens are not exactly in a position to be picky.

The amount of hours people under the age of sixteen can work are restricted by law so this is one of the larger factors potential employers must bear in mind when considering hiring a fifteen year old. There is also the issue of school that must be taken into account because this greatly limits the amount of schedule flexibility that an employee would have. The more extracurricular activities that must be factored into the equation, the lower the chances are of that young person being hired. The only jobs for 15 year olds that might be found in the business world are with companies like McDonalds or other fast food restaurants.

A fifteen year old also might be able to find employment at a grocery store, working as a bag person or stocking shelves with goods. Working behind the scenes is where most teens will find jobs, cleaning up after people or doing other light manual labor are the safest bets. If sweeping the floors at a local fast food joint does not sound appealing, there is always the option of off the books employment. Things like babysitting, yard work, and dog walking are all great options that almost any fifteen year old could handle. These are the perfect jobs for 15 year olds because they allow the kids to keep all of the money they earn while working around their school schedule and any other activities that they might be involved in.

Young teenagers can strike the perfect balance between being a kid and an adult with jobs like babysitting and yard work because they earn a little bit of financial freedom without taking on too much time consuming responsibility that could throw them into adulthood sooner than necessary. While yard work and cleaning up after children are not any more glamorous than working at a fast food restaurant or grocery store, they are the jobs for 15 year olds that are easier to get and much more plentiful.

Doing jobs for people in the neighborhood is also a good way to practice networking. Receiving more jobs through word of mouth could eventually lead to a better job once a teenager gets a little bit older. The idea of networking is also just something that is good to know for the adult business world as well. It is never too early to learn good networking skills. Job Search
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